Airbus to Establish a Sustainable Aviation Hub in Singapore

  • 21 Feb 2024

On 20 February 2024, Airbus and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a Sustainable Aviation Hub in Singapore with an emphasis on technology, research, and innovation.

The Hub aims to unite aerospace professionals, researchers, and innovators in a collaborative setting to promote research and development focused on building a robust and environmentally sustainable aviation ecosystem.

Key areas of development would include:

  • Decarbonizing Aviation: To focus on the research and analysis of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supply chain and hydrogen-based technologies to support the global shift towards decarbonized aviation.
  • Maintenance, Services, and Operations: To focus on advancing maintenance, services and operations in the aerospace sector by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices.
  • Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Air Traffic Management: To work on modernising and improving air traffic management (ATM) systems and unmanned air traffic management (UTM).

From Left to right: Wouter van Wersch, EVP International at Airbus Anand Stanley, President Asia Pacific at Airbus Sabine Klauke, Chief Technology Officer at Airbus, Jacqueline Poh, Managing Director at EDB (Economic Development Board of Singapore), Lim Tse Yong, SVP Mobility and Industrial Solutions at EDB, Cindy Koh, EVP Advanced Manufacturing at EDB

Located within Airbus’ Singapore Campus in Seletar Aerospace Park, the Sustainable Aviation Hub will collaborate closely with local businesses, universities, and research institutions to facilitate knowledge sharing, talent development, and joint research projects. A comprehensive talent development program will be also be set up to support the growth of local aerospace professionals, researchers, and innovators. This initiative will include internships, training courses, and joint programs, with the backing of Airbus’ worldwide research teams.

“Singapore is home to Airbus’ Asia-Pacific headquarters, given its strategic location, pro-innovation policies, highly skilled workforce and strong research capabilities. It therefore is an ideal choice to spearhead such an initiative here. This project aligns with the Airbus commitment to lead the decarbonisation of the aerospace sector. We look forward to exploring together to develop new technologies and invest in solutions for low carbon aviation,” said Sabine Klauke, Chief Technology Officer, Airbus.

“The Airbus Sustainable Aviation Hub represents another milestone in Singapore’s longstanding partnership with Airbus. Making aviation greener is an important component in decarbonising our planet. Singapore is partnering with leading aerospace companies to drive technology, research and innovation, and talent development to support the sustainable growth of the aviation industry,” said Ms Jacqueline Poh, Managing Director, Singapore Economic Development Board.

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