ST Engineering Highlights Technological and Innovative Developments at Singapore Airshow 2024

  • 19 Feb 2024

ST Engineering returns as the largest exhibitor at this year’s Singapore Airshow, unveiling its newest innovative advancements. Showcasing cutting-edge technological solutions that redefine the Aviation, Defence, and Smart City sectors, the 2,000 sqm pavilion is organized around the Aviation, Defence, and Smart City clusters. It highlights the Group’s latest innovations at the intersection of technology, engineering, and innovation, empowering organizations to enhance decision-making and response through automation and data-driven approaches.

Aviation – Comprehensive Solutions for Aircraft Lifecycle Requirements

The Aviation cluster demonstrates the Group’s wide-ranging expertise in supporting every stage of an aircraft’s lifecycle, from design and production to maintenance and asset management. The displayed solutions feature the new AirFish Wing-in-Ground craft, introduced for the first time at the Airshow, unmanned air systems with the latest DrN-Series drones for extended missions, aircraft modification capabilities like the 757 Passenger-to-Tanker conversion, advanced end-to-end manufacturing solutions, and a range of integrated maintenance services covering airframe, component, and engine.

Moreover, the exhibit will also emphasize significant aviation trends such as sustainable aviation through the Group’s Passenger-to-Freighter conversion initiatives, which breathe new life into older aircraft, and the growing integration of AI and smart technologies in aircraft maintenance and unmanned aircraft systems to streamline operations.

Defence – Future Battlefield Technologies that Enhance Mission Success

The Defence cluster emphasizes the integration of battlefield technologies with cutting-edge advancements like AI and robotics. This combination enhances human capabilities and acts as a force multiplier to address evolving security challenges. Unveiling its latest member in the Group’s lineup of land platforms is the Terrex s5 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Featuring advanced vetronics and the option of a hybrid electric drive, this 8×8 armored fighting vehicle is production-ready. With its adaptable design and capability to navigate different terrains, the vehicle can be customized for various mission roles. On top of the Terrex s5 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the exhibit will also showcase the Group’s suite of weapons and ammunition, as well as unmanned and autonomous solutions that are modular and adaptable for various payloads.

Smart City – Improving Urban Connectivity, Resilience, and Sustainability with Technology

To assist cities in overcoming urban challenges, the Smart City exhibit highlights the Group’s innovations in Smart Mobility, Smart Connectivity, and Smart Environment. These solutions leverage on AI, automation, and analytics to boost energy efficiency, connectivity, and resource management. Showcased solutions include the AGIL® Smart Energy Building, 5G Smart Rail Operations, Guideway Transit Inspection Service, and advanced tolling and congestion pricing solutions to tackle traffic congestion in cities.

This showcase at the Singapore Airshow will embody the Group’s diverse engineering capabilities, displaying a range of solutions that caters to an aircraft’s complete lifecycle requirements, introduce future battlefield technologies for tactical superiority, and address urban challenges in cities. Many of these solutions integrate advanced digital technologies like AI, automation, robotics, advanced analytics, and cybersecurity, reflecting the Group’s strategic investments and commitment to innovation over the years.

“The Singapore Airshow serves as a pivotal platform for the Group to actively connect with our global stakeholders and offers a firsthand experience of our cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Our showcase exemplifies our Group’s collective engineering capabilities and domain expertise, highlighting our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that create meaningful impact,” said Ravinder Singh, Group COO (Technology & Innovation) at ST Engineering. “As Singapore’s homegrown technology, defence and engineering group, we take pride in flying our flag high and elevating our presence on this global stage.”

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