SUTD Aviation Interest Group Visits Pratt & Whitney

  • 29 Apr 2024
  • Text by Ng Wan Hao, SUTD Aviation Interest Group

A group photo at Pratt & Whitney TOS Facility. Photo: SUTD Aviation Interest Group

It was a special day for SUTD Aviation Interest Group (AIG) as staff and students gathered together on 3rd April 2024 for a trip to Pratt & Whitney Turbine Overhaul Services (TOS) Facility. The group received an overwhelming turnout rate and scheduled a chartered bus all the way from SUTD to Tuas. Upon entering the main lobby, we were immediately greeted by the beautiful decorations hung up for Ramadan as well as the warm hospitality from Pratt and Whitney.

During the visit, we learned that the TOS facility first began its operation in Tuas in 1981 and has remained operational ever since. As the years rolled by, Pratt and Whitney expanded to build 2 more facilities in Seletar while continuing to improve their TOS facility in Tuas for over 40 years. It was no surprise that the security was tight (no pictures were allowed beyond the main lobby) and safety boots were mandatory for participants before we could step foot into the shop floor with heavy machinery.

It was an eye-opening experience for our participants to see the level of efficiency and technological advancement in the aerospace industry, where robots and humans come together to meet the high demand and strict safety standards. During the tour around the shop floor, participants also learnt about the entire process of repairing a turbine, from the amount of work and planning required from the moment the turbine is received to when it is broken down into smaller parts for maintenance work. This is then followed by many rounds of quality checks and testing before the turbine is being reconstructed and sent back to the customer.

Although we did not have the time to have a full tour around the facility, we were still able to get a peek on how a large company like TOS manages their daily processes. Using a dashboard that can identify bottlenecks and alert relevant departments to resolve issues as quickly as possible, the system helps to churn out results and reduce additional workload for the next day.

Overall, we are grateful for Pratt and Whitney in giving us an opportunity to have an insightful tour in their Turbine Overhaul Services facility. It was a good day!

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