As she flies……

  • 10 Feb 2024
  • Text by NTU Aerospace Society

On the morning of October 21st, carrying a delicate 3D printer, a banner of representation and an enthusiasm to share our passion for aerospace, the NTU Aerospace Society walked into a sea full of people at Temasek Polytechnic for the “Girls in Aviation” event. Representing the school of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from NTU, we set up a booth alongside other top Aerospace companies including Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce as well as other companies and startups.

At the event, everyone was donned in a bold pink T-shirts, buzzing about, and getting started for the day. As a female passionate about aviation, I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride and inspiration looking at all the women standing behind their booths, setting up games and activities for the day’s guests. The floor screamed organized chaos, with one person walking around casually with an impressive, groovy rover following behind, and another setting up makeshift aircraft engine that guests, including myself, got to put together. The atmosphere felt electric.

The NTU Aerospace Society had set up a booth with an array of intriguing displays. Our 3D printer actively worked to create miniature aircrafts, and we also drove a drone around the area. The drone was my personal favourite. There were so many young children who attended the event, girls were a wonderful majority, sticking their hands out while we carefully landed our drones on their tiny palms. With radiant smiles and eyes sparkling with intrigue, they looked on and participated in various activities. There were also many young adults and college students who got a chance at drone flying, guided by the president of our club. Our 3D printer received a lot of curious glances, with several parents reaching out to understand how the printers worked, and subsequently translating it to their curious children.


While we got to spend time with the curiosity of young children, this event was also a wonderful opportunity for all of us from the club. We got to spend time at each booth, learning about the exciting goals planned by companies and their current projects. Talking to these passionate women, one after another, my passion for rockets and all things that fly amplified. It was a wonderful opportunity to network and enquire about internships and learning experiences with these companies.

The Girls in Aviation event was a thrilling experience for us. It was an honour to represent the NTU College of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The vibrant atmosphere showcased the passion for aerospace among youth. Engaging with industry giants and young enthusiasts alike, we not only shared our knowledge but also gained valuable insights and networking opportunities. It was a sight to behold – women pioneering innovation in the aviation industry. It inspired us all and left us with hope, looking forward to a future full of promise.

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