ERAU Students Explore Wings over Asia with Mr. Ng Yeow Meng

  • 10 Feb 2024
  • Text by Student Government Association 8, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Asia

On 7th January 2024, ten university students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia, members of the V3 flying simulation club, recently embarked on a captivating flight beyond the virtual screens of their simulators. Their destination was Wings Over Asia (WOA) Pte Ltd, a renowned general aviation (GA) company nestled near Seletar Airport. An opportunity for the students to experience and learn the general aviation industry.

The guide for the day was Mr. Ng Yeow Meng, the founder of WOA and a seasoned pilot. He led the V3 students through the two massive hangars, each housing unique aircraft from sleek single-engine Cessnas to imposing King Air turboprops, each aircraft represented a different facet of the GA world. Mr Ng’s passionate explanations also illuminated the diverse applications of these planes, from scenic tours to cargo transportation and aerial photography.

After stepping into the Wings Over Asia flight operations centre, the students were transported to the nerve centre of the company. Rows of monitors displayed real-time flight paths, weather updates, and communication logs, painting a dynamic picture of the bustling GA landscape. Mr. Ng explained the intricacies of flight planning, dispatch procedures, and the ever-evolving regulations that govern every aspect of flight operations. The students saw firsthand the complex choreography behind seemingly routine flights, and gained an appreciation for the unseen hands that keep the GA planes soaring.

As the tour drew to an end, the V3 students emerged from Wings Over Asia with newfound knowledge, and inspiration. They had witnessed the diverse applications, intricate operations, and human passion that drive the GA industry. They were also given the opportunity to dine and have lunch in the WOA member’s lounge, which overlooked the Seletar Airport Runway. The lunch and view capped an insightful, inspiring visit to WOA for the students.

In just a few hours, Wings Over Asia had provided the Embry-Riddle students with more than just a tour, they had offered a glimpse into the soul of the GA industry. They had also seen firsthand the dedication, innovation, and the passion for flying shown by WOA and were grateful for the opportunity.

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