Exploring Space Innovation: Highlights from the Global Space and Technology Convention

  • 20 Feb 2024
  • Text by Khyathi Jain, NTU Aerospace Society

The NTU Aerospace Society recently attended the Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC), held at the Sheraton Towers. The GSTC event was a spectacular platform for exploration, collaboration, and innovation. The Singapore Space and Technology Limited hosted the conference and successfully brought together over 100 leaders, investors, and space professionals from a staggering 450 organizations spanning over 36 countries.

Just a few moments in at the convention, we all realized what a brilliant opportunity it was to be around some of the most illustrious individuals representing the space industry today. There were intriguing conversations about the latest breakthroughs in aerospace technology, potential collaborations and partnerships, and even simple exchanges between individuals who shared common interests in space technology. It was a reflection of the ardent passion driving the industry forward.

At the event, there was a small exhibition of different space companies showcasing a wide array of technologies. Our members had the chance to speak to various representatives at the booths about their displays and new technologies. A model of a satellite was showcased alongside other displays, highlighting the complex systems that enhance satellite functionality.

During the conference, our members had the opportunity to attend various panel discussions. One panel highlight featuring space agency representatives from across Asia explores the role of space in achieving sustainable regional development. With Maldives being at threat due to rising sea levels, their unique perspective and initiative to collaborate with different space agencies in combating such issues continues to emphasize the need for an intersection of space research and environmental protection.

The representative from Singapore’s Office for Space Technology & Industry (OSTIn) – underscored the importance of cultivating interest in space studies in the nation’s youth. This emerged as a cornerstone initiative since dedication to nurturing talent is a critical step in fostering the next generation of space innovators. As students ourselves, it was inspiring and promising to witness such steps being taken to preserve and cultivate a passion for space at our universities and schools.

Amidst the plethora of topics, the panel on edge computing was particularly intriguing to us. Edge computing focuses on the localised integration of data processing within IoT and Smart systems. The panel emphasised on the potential of implementing this innovation in future satellite projects to touch new frontiers in innovation and advance the industry. Exploring this topic with such immense potential piqued our interest and sparked our curiosity. The ensuing panel discussion revealed deep insights into the journey from conceptualization to implementation and maintenance of such novel technology.

Beyond the technological frontiers, other discussions delved into the business landscape of the space industry. There was a particular panel of representatives from leading European space agencies and companies that illustrated the significance of strategic partnerships and how they drive advancements in the aerospace industry. Collaborations forged at such forums promise to propel companies towards greater capabilities, fuelling the trajectory of progress in space exploration.

As students passionate about space, attending the Global Space and Technology Convention was tremendously motivating. Every aspect of the convention, from the talks on sustainable development to investigating the state-of-the-art has strengthened our conviction that space exploration can change the world. We left the event more inspired than ever to follow our goals and contribute to growing space developments and exploration in the future.

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