Improving National Security with Drone Countermeasures

  • 20 Apr 2024

Drones equipped with cameras, sensors or actuators have diverse uses, ranging from photography and filmmaking, to smart inspection of infrastructure and cargo deliveries. They have been applied to agriculture, mining, construction, infrastructure, shipping, logistics, aviation and even search and rescue missions. 

Even as drone or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technologies have developed rapidly, what is worrying is the proliferation of drone uses for illegal purposes and in conflict areas around the world. Drones are a significant concern for homeland security and relevant agencies worldwide, including Singapore’s Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX), which has been actively developing Counter-UAS (C-UAS) technologies to address the growing security risks.

Photo of a drone flying in the sky. Photo: Pexels, Inmortal Producciones

C-UAS solutions may be classified into two categories: kinetic or non-kinetic. Examples of such solutions include radar detection, radio frequency jamming, cyber takeover systems, and the use of lasers or nets. In combination, these C-UAS technologies work together to help security teams detect, monitor, and counter unauthorized drones for airspace safety.

Singapore’s dense urban environment means we experience severe radio spectrum congestion. Commercially available C-UAS tools in the market may therefore face a high volume of false detections, rendering them ineffective. Therefore, HTX’s Robotics, Automation, and Unmanned Systems (RAUS) Centre of Expertise has been specifically designing and developing various advanced C-UAS capabilities to tackle this challenge.

Examples of C-UAS solutions in development by HTX include:

  • Rapid Deployable C-UAS System (RDS) – A portable, lightweight, autonomous, and low-cost platform that integrates multiple detection sensors with smart countermeasures. This system can be easily set up for temporary or permanent installations and can be used individually or networked with other systems on-site. It also features the most advanced radar with urban de-cluttering functionalities; a drone detection, identification, and tracking system; as well as drone jamming capabilities.
  • GPS-independent Drone Hunter – Developed to address challenges posed by GPS spoofing and jamming in warzones around the world. As the first of its kind in the world, this high-speed interceptor navigates using ground radar to rapidly pursue and capture rogue drones in GPS-denied environments.

      HTX and HENSOLDT, a leading sensor solution provider, announced their collaboration in early April 2024. The new partnership aims to drive the development of RDS for urban settings and to address the rising threat posed by over-the-counter drones. By combining HENSOLDT Singapore’s specialised software expertise, system integration skills, and HTX’s operational insights, this collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive and effective C-UAS solution tailored to the specific needs of the urban settings in Singapore.

      HENSOLDT’s CUAS is built on an extremely modular and scalable concept, includes Surveillance Radar, EO/IR cameras, Jammer and allowing seamless integration of additional sensors to enhance its capabilities. Photo: HENSOLDT AG

      In conclusion, to effectively address the constantly emerging risks posed by drones, countries and agencies will have to stay at the forefront of innovation in developing C-UAS solutions. Through sustained dedication to research and the fostering of new partnerships and collaborations, efforts to enhance C-UAS capabilities will likely remain paramount in ensuring the security and resilience of our communities.

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